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It's not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Constant night wakings? Only sleeps in the stroller? Terrible naps? If you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted from trying to get your child to sleep, I can help! Contact me for a complimentary consultation and learn how to get your child to sleep so the whole family can be happy and well rested again.

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I am a baby, toddler and child Sleep Consultant who will get your Snuggle Bug sleeping through the night! And when your child sleeps well, you get the opportunity to sleep well too. And when you sleep well, you have the energy to be the best version of yourself for your family! If you give a mouse a cookie right? I am based in Los Angeles but thanks to technology, I can help you no matter where you live!

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Book a 15 minute discovery call with me and we will discuss your child’s sleep challenges and learn about what it will entail when we work together.


This package is designed for parents who want to get off to a good start from day 1 with their little snuggle bug! It serves as a guide and support to set the groundwork for a solid sleeper in the making.

3 Months +

3 months-17 months-These babies are ready to learn their independent sleep skills and this package will help you get there!


18 months-4 years- Toddlers have their own thoughts, opinions, and pretty strong habits. This package will guide you through all of that and get your toddler sleeping through the night!

Older Children

5 years and up- Older children need independent sleep too! I will help with overcoming sleep challenges and get your older child well rested so they have the energy they need for all of their learning.

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